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Time for a bucket list. My brother was too sick for one. Best wishes, Anita.

I know.  You know I’m not the mushy type to talk about it but my heart still aches for you about that. =(  And thanks.

But omg - that just gave me an idea.  I’ve been sitting here feeling so bad because there’s nothing I can really do, but I have this blog and lots of followers, and mant of them are also telling me they wish they could do something, so what if I could set up, like, a “bucket list fund”?  Well, I’m thinking more like one major thing more than a whole list but, I mean, you all get it… like if he has a major “make-a-wish” type thing that we could help him do, that would be awesome.  I have no idea what his thing would be, or how to go about it - it literally just occurred to me two minutes ago, but it’s an idea…

Re: my cousin’s cancer relapse - life expectancy is 1.5 to 2 years. =(  My dad said it’s basically wrapped around his spine.

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