wolves-among-creeps: you ever post pics of yourself?

Yes, I have…


Sucky self-shot in the car w/Reece
Hi from me and Reece!  I suck at taking self-pics, this was the only one in which I even got myself in the damn frame at all! Also, I have no makeup on so STFU.  

  1. ilosthegame said: goooorrrgeeeouuss memesyyyyy c:
  2. gabrielramos said: Your dauther Reece is identical =)
  3. yourlies said: You’re looking into my soul, Stahp dat plz.
  4. etsevalente said: your eyes are GORGEOUS!
  5. swarthyvillain said: I like it when awesome blogs have faces.
  6. synergeticsyndrome said: Whoa your kid looks JUST LIKE YOU. And she’s gorgeous, so I suppose that’s a double compliment ^.^
  7. caffeineanddrizzle said: You have an absolutely breathtaking smile, so you know. :3
  8. mathamathamatics said: MEMESY YOU ARE GORGEOUS <3
  9. aaronbong said: You’re beautiful! And I’m glad there’s someone closer to my age on here :)
  10. philosolapis said: What lovely eyes! And a blog to match!
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