I scored big last week!

I’ve been wanting a treadmill forEVER (or about a year and a half, same difference) - because I’m extremely lazy and I also hate being outside unless it’s a perfect 68 degrees and sunny with a nice NW breeze and also walking is boooooorrrrringgg and if I’m going to I want to watch TV to take my mind off of what I’m doing - but I couldn’t really afford anything decent.  So last monday my dad suggested we stop at Goodwill and holy shit, they had this baby for only $100!  (Not my pics but exact same treadmill - ProForm 630DS):

It’s all electronic, even takes your pulse, and has incline and everything and it’s in perfect working order.  I’ve done at least two miles a day since last Monday.  It’s great, I can just watch TV and the time flies by, I love it!  Today I started using the incline.  Finally I can start getting back into shape and I can still remain a recluse haha (and never too far away from tumblr)! 

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