elevenaleksproblems: Hey, do you know if that story about the Neutron Star passing through The Sun is true? Especially the part about the President debriefing the US about it? If so, do you know when that would be?

Dude.  Of course it’s NOT TRUE.  Besides the fact that there are exactly zero stars anywhere significantly near our solar system, if one WERE to pass through it our solar system would be ripped apart.  A star interfereing with us in such a way WILL NOT HAPPEN during humanity’s time on Earth, if ever.

  1. self-styled-iconoclast said: Well. There’s *a* star in our solar system.
  2. synergeticsyndrome said: This is why I don’t watch the news anymore. They don’t say anything truthful if it’s not entertaining enough!
  3. krazykickinswimmer said: *facepalm*
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