Whale Lifts A Kayak Out Water On Argentinian Coast

internet-nignog replied to your post: Happy Birthday, Tyler!

youre a mom? you barely look 21 yourself…

Yep, and would have an older sister but she died as a baby.
I also have an 8-yr-old daughter.

Happy Birthday, Tyler!


This sweet widdle angel is TWENTY-ONE TODAY!

And still just as adorable and innocent as ever…



Happy 21st kiddo, I’m proud to be your mom <3


When you really don’t wanna talk to somebody but they talk to you
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Pulp Fiction ReAction Figures by Funko

3.75” Blood splattered Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, limited to 2000 pieces each, will be exclusively available from Booth #5343 at SDCC 2014.

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