Aug 30

weasleyswizardwheezess said: are you 40?

No, 46.

califleurs said: may you explain the kirk cameron, steven hawking/creationism image?

Kirk Cameron is a super-religious, willfully-ignorant (or likely just plain stupid) creationist, whereas Stephen Hawking actually understands reality and is one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

theculturedcaveman replied to your post: Oh my GOD I am such a loser! I had to …

I’m the same. Had a girl in the drivethru look at one of my tattoos, point and say “Hey! The Hydra logo!”. I wasn’t expecting it. I looked her dead in the eye, said “….wha….fuck…..” and drove off without my food.

LOL!  Well, at least that made me feel a little better…

Oh my GOD I am such a loser!

I had to run down to the drive-thru for some snacks, and I was prepared for the transaction but not for chit-chat.  But the guy noticed my t-shirt (a villain mashup of The Joker and Loki - Joki) and started chatting me up and I just couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I literally thought the words “Oh god, interaction!”  I couldn’t get away fast enough.  Why am I so fucking awkward?  Like, really.  I’m just pathetic.


Aug 29





When he say he gonna eat ya ass and you aint showered yet


I’ll see yall in church

When yall see each other in church the day after he ate ya dirty ass


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